Music Director K says, Language not a barrier

K says, Language not a barrier for musicians

Music composer K, known only by one letter and for his work in films such as Yuddham Sei, Mugamoodi and Aarohanam, says language is not a barrier for musicians.

"Art is beyond barriers and music is universal. If you can understand the emotion of the film or a particular scene, then composing music is not difficult," said K. The music scorer has recently signed his first Malayalam project titled 'Annayum Rasoolum', understands only a few Malayalam words.

Speaking on its behalf K. said, "Usually, the director and I converse in English, but when I don't understand any word in some language, I don't hesitate to take assistance," added the composer K.

Meanwhile, K is simultaneously working for his next Tamil comedy film titled 'Onbadthula Guru' that casts Vinay Rai, Anjali, Premgie, Jegan in the lead roles.


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