Richa breaks up with Sundar, Sundar in-turn threatens her?

Richa breaks up with Sundar, Sundar in-turn threatens her?
It is understood that Richa and Sundar were in love. Now there is news that Richa has split away from him but Sundar is unable to bear this separation.
Both of them had acted in the film Mayakkam Enna which had Dhanush in the lead role. It was during this time romance blossomed between the two.

Sundar had the habit of picking up Richa from the airport to the hotel in his car whenever she had shooting in Chennai. There were rumours that they were in love during that period itself.
It was also mentioned that both of them are to get married soon. Richa had also gifted a costly camera worth Rs 7 Lakhs to Sundar to express her love. At this juncture, Richa’s market escalated all of a sudden.

She acted with Simbhu in Osthi. She had also acted in three Telugu films and has become one of the leading actresses of the South Indian film industry. Her salary had also been increased but Sundar did not have any films in his hands. Both of them had difference of opinions. Richa started avoiding Sundar.

She came to Chennai without informing Sundar. Richa’s activities infuriated Sundar. He threw and broke the camera gifted by her.

It is also understood that he had threatened Richa that he will commit suicide by jumping from the top floor if she did not marry him. Apart from this it is also mentioned that he slit his wrists with a knife. Richa’s manager Kalyan said, "All these news are false. Since Richa is busy acting, she will not think about marriage for the next three years. Someone is spreading this kind of news to spoil her name and reputation."

When asked Sundar, he also said that all this news are mere rumours.




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