Sarika's care for Shruthi Hassan

Shruti Haasan was thrilled a few days ago when her mother Sarika droppped in on the sets of her film to surprise her.

Apparently, Shruti has had absolutely no time to spend with family as she has been travelling to fulfill her acting and music commitments.

After she was hospitalised a few months ago, Sarika has been even more worried about her daughter.
So this time, the doting mother dropped everything to ensure that she’s around Shruti when she needs her.

Sarika took charge of Shruti’s medication and diet on the sets.

An eyewitness says, "Sarika is not known to be the typical star mother. But this time we got to see an entirely different side to her. She not only took care of Shruti but also cooked for the entire unit. She was adored by everybody on the sets." What more could Shruti have asked for?


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