Shiva on The Axe effect, dubs for a Chinese film

Actor Shiva is known for picking satirical roles and has been very well received by the audiences. The actor is now gearing up for his next release ‘Sonna Puriyadhu’, which is again a comedy entertainer.
Shiva on The Axe effect, dubs for a Chinese film

What makes actor Shiva special is not just how he acts and what he says. His inappropriate sense of properties too contributes to the humour.

The recent teaser trailer of Krishnan Jayaraj's Sonna Puriyadhu shows Shiva in a patriot's outfit in a particular shot. He is seen wearing a 'Khadi' shirt and dhoti and Vande Mataram being played in the background. But the humour here is, he sprays Axe perfume all over him, which is completely out of sync with his attire.
The film’s teaser has already captivated everyone’s interest and the poster carrying Shiva in the image of Harry Potter, with the tagline – The Wizard is Back has enthralled the town.
Shiva plays a dubbing artiste in Sonna Puriyadhu, who dubs for international films. While talking to Shiva recently, he was generous enough to reveal that the dubbing scene that features in the teaser is for a Chinese action film.

The character Shiva plays is of a marriage phobic guy, who makes all sorts of excuses to escape from getting married. Vasundhara Kashyap plays his love interest and 360 degree corp. is producing the film. This comedy entertainer, which is presently being shot at a bunglow in Anna Nagar, will be wrapped up in a couple of days and might release in December or early January.


  1. Shiva believe me you are most of the time behaving like a bafoon and sometimes a clawn in a circus. Try to be a gentleman if you can.


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