Simran coming back again with shape and structured hip

Simran coming back again with shape and structured hip
Simran, now a mother and the host of a popular reality show on Jaya TV, has surprised even her die-hard fans by making an announcement that she has got back her ‘once coveted’ shape and is back in the reckoning to play the lead roles in films all over again. Simran ruled the roost for close to a decade before marrying Deepak Bagga in 2003 and settling into matrimonial life.

Simran, once the ruling queen in Tamil cinema industry was away from films after getting married. Now the actress is planning to turn as a producer and make a movie under her own production house.

During her heydays as a ‘No.1’ heroine along with Jyothika, Simran had starred opposite the likes of Kamal Haasan, Ajith, Vijay and Suriya and was last spotted in a major role by starring as one of Suriya’s three heroines in the super-duper hit film Vaaranam Aayiram directed by Gautham Menon. Even in that film, though she had a major role to play (albeit as Suriya’s mother), she looked ‘aged’ and it was clear her best days were over.

Simran is now successfully hosting the reality show on Jaya TV which was once hosted by Khushboo prior to her entering the DMK-fold. Thanks to her renewed popularity, Simran has decided to make films and is said to have asked many leading and upcoming script-writers and directors. Simran feels that films with water-tight scripts always do well at the box-office.

Speaking on her film Simran said “If the script is good then the film will sure make a hit. Many big budget films fail due to bad script. If we have dedication towards our work then only one can succeed in cinema. There is good response for different genre of films from the audiences and they are expecting this from the makers.” She also brushed aside rumors that she is going to introduce her husband in that film and asked not to believe such rumors.

Simran is known for her slim and well structured hip. But after marriage and becoming a mother she has put on so much of weight.

Now the actress is keen in reducing her weight to shape her structure. Hope so we can see the hip beauty Simran soon.


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