Sona gets help from Nadigar Sangam

Sona gets help from Nadigar Sangam
Looks like Sona has become controversy’s favourite child these days. The actress had recently filed a complaint against a Tamil magazine for fabricating an interview with her and misquoting her. She was apparently reported as saying that she uses men like tissues.

And now, the latest is that Nadigar Sangam, a human rights organisation and a couple of women’s rights associations have come forward to help her tackle the issue.

She says, “A couple of days ago, about 120 people from a men’s association had protested outside my house. I tried reasoning with them, saying how the interview was fabricated and how I’d filed a complaint against the publication. But they weren’t willing to listen. The cops had arrested about 100 of them, and even then, they said they would protest against me wherever I go. Now, Nadigar Sangam has told me they will help me solve this issue and have promised their complete support. A few women’s rights association and human rights organisation have told me that they’d register a case against the men’s association for harassing and threatening me non-stop. I was supposed to shoot for my film, but I’m now unsure if the schedule is happening.”


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