2012 Directors - Who took Tamil Cinema to the next level

2012 Directors - Who took Tamil Cinema to the next levelJust 3 days left for 2012 to end. With the entire world getting ready to welcome the New Year with warmness, it’s time to look back into the year’s best filmmakers, who made a difference by taking Tamil Cinema to the next level.
We bring you an exclusive look on such moviemakers, who came up with spellbinding films based on groundbreaking ideas.

Karthik Subburaj
Karthik Subburaj (Pizza)- Tamil industry has witnessed whole lot films based on horror, thriller and suspense, but no one has crafted such a brilliant tale interwoven with enigmatic quotients from beginning till end. While each and every shot raised your Goosebumps, the climax had it all getting everyone awestruck. Pizza becomes the best film of this year and of course one of the radically distinctive films of this decade.

Ranjith (Attakathi)
Ranjith (Attakathi) – Romantic entertainers are always welcomed with good response. Moreover, such films set in backdrop of college life naturally evoke everyone’s interest. Attakathi traces back to the 80s College life that is laced with romance and humour.

Balaji Mohan (Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Yeppadi)
Balaji Mohan (Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Yeppadi) – Almost all the filmmakers in the league stepped into industry through their short films. Not to miss the fact that Balaji Mohan’s short film ‘Kadhlil Sodhapuvadhu Yeppadi’ was the most popularly viewed short film in YouTube. Thanks to actor Siddarth of Sashikanth of Y Not Studios for turning this short film into a full-length feature.

Prabhu Solomon (Kumki)
Prabhu Solomon (Kumki) – The man has been striving with all his mighty ideas to throw unique themes. It has been evident from his debut film, but claimed his success through his previous film ‘Myna’. ‘Let me try something different’ – these words prompted him to make a film based on the incident that he witnessed in a village near Kerala. Then it all happened with vigorous shooting across the thick forests of Kerala and Karnataka.


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