Kadal - Music Review

Kadal - Music Review
Movie - Kadal
Cast - Gautham Karthik, Thulasi Nair, Arjun, Arvind Swamy, Lakshmi Manchu
Direction: Mani Ratnam
Cinematography: Rajiv Menon
Production company: Madras Talkies
Year - 2012
Music Director - A.R.Rahman
Label - Sony Music

THE NEXT LEVEL OF MAGIC IS HERE. Let the fans of AR Rahman boast for being his diehard fans for this album reaches an unachieved status of World Music. Let us put it this way – Kadal is far best than his academy award winning album Slumdog Millionaire. Listen to every track 100 times and you’ll experience 100 new things.

When Tamil music was confined to certain rules and formulas, Magician Rahman broke the boundaries adapting the international paradigm of musical élan. Off the latter, his musical spell turned to be an avid inspiration for young league of music directors.

Now, we have Madras Mozart striking the exceedingly creative chords for KADAL, it brings international music into Tamil industry. This is a celebration for Indian Music Fraternity indeed. Moreover this is the first time; a film with rural backdrop has such a western touch in every track. What’s the specialty of KADAL is that the lyrical lines are penned with rural Tamil grandiloquence and singers render it countryside style, but the musical composition in completely western. Can you imagine the blend of Tamil folk and Rock ‘n’ Roll? List to Kadal Songs and let yourselves into a charming world for few minutes.

Manirathnam’s Kadal sees the introduction of Gautham Karthik and Tulasi in lead roles with Aravind Swamy, Arjun and Lakshmi Manchu playing important roles. Rajeev Menon is back with Manirathnam after the grand success of Guru.

KollyInsider brings the first exclusive music review of AR Rahman’s KADAL with a clear-cut analysis of songs.

Vocals: Vijay Yesudas

Rays of new hopes bestowed upon a newborn soul that hasn’t experienced even the shadows of his mother. The opening lines Orey Nila, Parandha Vaanam Padacha Kadavulu, Ellaame Othayula Nikuthude, Nee Kooda Othayile Nikura De, Ettu Vai Makka, Ettuvachu Aagasam Thottu Vai Makka. The situational song gives an immense feel of ‘Chinna Thai Aval’ from Thalapathy. The splendiferous instrumentals on Tin Whistle Flute (You’ll hear it in pitch bend style) with orchestral strings on accompaniment make ‘Chitthirai Nila’ a pleasant lullaby to all, a special motivational lullaby. Vijay Yesudas in unstrained manner lets himself loose in making it sound perfect.

Vocals: Sid Sriram, Maria Roe Vincent

Might be a dream song for the lyrical lines imply such significance. Just try to glimpse on the lyrical lines before listening to this song. Obviously, you would assume, it’s going to a folk song. But what you hear will freeze you in complete amazement. Wow! It’s incredulously stunning attempt by Rahman as he brings in Rock N Roll genre. The piano, the Live Drums and style of Sid Sriram and chorus lead by Maria Roe Vincent gives a feel of as though watching a western classical concert. It has more probabilities of claiming the title as one of the best romantic songs of this decade.

Vocals: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Harini, Sekar

Harini will have her name registered in the nominees list of 2012 Best Female Singers... The mild chords over the box guitars and silent strings running along with the singers are awe-inspiring. Abhay Jodhpurkar transfixes us with his mellisonant voice. The visuals and picturing style will doubtlessly add more flux into the song.

Vocals: AR Rahman
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

A Cliff Richard touch on guitars that reminds off ‘Congratulations Jubilations’. Fishes personified as a man’s sweetheart girl here. It’s about a man wooing the fishes with poetic praises to fall in his nets. The 30-minute teaser of the guy on boat deck swiftly moving through the gigantic waves reveals its relevance as well. Madhan Karky has used the metaphorical phrases of ‘Fish’ and ‘Sweetheart girl’. Rajeev Menon’s cinematography should have more embellishment to the song that is already generating huge waves.

Vocals: Shakthishree Gopalan, A.R.Rahman

The song has been on its peak of mountainous reach from the time it was premiered on MTV Unplugged with Rahman and Shakthishree Gopalan performing it LIVE... A marvellous orchestration of flutes, percussions, violins, strings and accordion with a new discovery of Rahman – Shakthishree making a stunning performance that beautifies this track. Shakthishree Gopalan makes it clear that she is the new princess of voice in Tamil Nadu now.

Vocals: Haricharan
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

A spiritual retreat by Rahman... Crooned by Haricharan, Madhan Karky has written the lyrical lines in praise of Lord Jesus. Haricharan exerts his best attempts of taking the song to high pitches in an easy manner. The Kids on chorus make the song more effectual. The song is dominated by the orchestras that should have more effect in creating the visual impact.

Vocals: Aryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Tanvi Shah and Chinmayee
Lyrics: Aryan Dinesh Kanangaratnam

Oooooohhhh!!! This is amazing. While the complete album flows with sweeping melodies, this one is a sudden speed breaker. Hear it million times and you can’t stop listening to it. Magudi Magudi is full of thundering mix of sound and the rap by Aryan Dinesh Kanagaranthnam is bombastic. Chinmayee renders few lines of dialogues, which encompasses the powerful realms of the girl as she says – Naa Magudi Da, Nee Paambu... The lyrical lines by Aryan Dinesh Kanagarathnam and his rendition of rap lines send you crazy. Set this one are your alarm and it’s going to be the best start of your day in lifetime.

It takes miles for a musician to compose such a fascinating music and AR Rahman becomes a complete musical legend of this century with this album. Be it for his compositions, choice of singers and innovative selection of genres: everything is beyond the usual limit of excellence. Having made a comeback in Tamil music industry nearly after a couple of years, KADAL is a special gift for Rahman fans.

Verdict: You cannot stay away from falling in love with it. That’s the Magic of Rahman


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