Nasser's & his son in ’Sun Sun Thatha’ released in Sathyam

Nasser's & his son in ’Sun Sun Thatha’ in Sathyam
It is known that Veteran actor Nasser is back to direction with ‘Sun Sun Thatha’ featuring his son in the lead. Latest we hear is ‘Sun Sun Thatha’ releasing today in a single screen at Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai.

Nasser, who is busy with hand-full of films in his kitty directed ‘Sun Sun Thatha’ launching his son Abi Mehdhi Hassan, which is an 85mins featured film touted to be a message oriented movie for working parents who have to leave their kids at home while going for job.

‘Sun Sun Thatha’ is completely shot in Malaysia and casts leading Malaysian comedian Jamaali Sadath as grandfather, Aruna Bala and others in the vital roles under the production of Nasser’s wife Kameela Nasser, a leading child psychologist.


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