Nayanthara's 'Kuthu' with Dhanush for friendship!

Nayanthara's 'Kuthu' with Dhanush for friendship!
We had earlier reported that Nayanthara would be dancing with Dhanush in the latter's home production 'Ethir Neechal' for a 'Kuthu' number. Nayanthara has said that she accepted this assignment purely due to her friendship with Dhanush and also the understanding that the two share with each other.

It seems Dhanush takes some time to call Nayanthara after each of her releases and gives her his honest feedback about her performance.

This true friendship is the reason why she accepted this 'kuthu' offer, it is heard. It must be noted that Yaradi Nee Mohini featured these two as the lead pair and the film proved to be mighty successful.


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