Paradesi – Music Review

Paradesi – Music Review 
Paradesi (2012)
Production: B Studios
Direction: Bala
Casts: Adharvaa, Vedhika, Dhansika and others
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

An epic could be the right nomenclature to define the films churned out by Bala as he diminishes the gap between ‘commercial’ and ‘offbeat’ genres. Naturally, his films are strikingly unconventional and so is the musical spell. Having worked with Maestro Ilayaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja, he arrives with a new combination joining hands with GV Prakash in Paradesi. The album with 5 tracks is mostly encompassed with melodies and they’re fascinating indeed.

1. Avatha Paiyya
Singers: Yasin and Vandhana Srinivasan

A Thai Chi style of flute played on prelude signifies a mellisonant is ready to flow ahead. With accordance to the mild rhythms on strings and percussions, the vocalisms by Yasin and Vandhana Srinivasan gain a distinct clarity. The flow of music is so stupendous that the listeners tend to become mesmerized over the aesthetical sense of GV Prakash. The song faintly resembles ‘Unnai Perai Sonnalae’ (Dum Dum Dum) and Rahman’s Kalvare (Raavanan) to a little degree in few places.

2. Sengaade
Singer: Madhu Balakrishnan and Pragathi Guruprasad

Pathos of the roving vagabonds as they depart from their soil. The lines Sudugaadu vittu pogura ponangal pola, jananga pogudhu paaru stands out as the best illustration of expressing the lamentations of the ceasing souls. Well, the visuals should add more intensity to the song. Madhu Balakrishnan had earlier delivered an overpowering song (Piraye Piraye) in Bala’s yesteryear classic film Pithamagan and this is one more unparalleled stroke from the ace playback singer.

3. Or Mirugam
Singers: VV Prasanna and Pragathi Guruprasad

How Bala extracts the best potentials from the lyricists and musicians remains a mystery to many? Perhaps, if you never had such conceptions earlier, heeding to this track will let you believe on. The lyrics expressing the feel of sadness, rage, or pain leaves us with the same grounds. Welcome to Pragathi, the runners up of Airtel Super Singer Junior. The depth of voice with which she renders the song is spellbinding. VV Prasanna is a new boon to music directors and his style of intonation is most efficacious.

4. Thannai Thaane
Singers: 'Gaana' Bala

While the other tracks are bound to the melodious genres, this one leaps for a different show in ‘Gaana’ style. The song is about the praises of Lord Jesus and GV Prakash doesn’t stick to the dimension of spiritual music, but puts it in a different way with folk beats.

5. Senneer Thaana
Singers: Gangai Amaran, Priya Hemesh

The song starts with the beat similar to ‘Picchai Paathiram’ from Bala’s yesteryear film Naan Kadavul. It’s a treat for Ilayaraja fans as his younger brother Gangai Amaran renders the song with same phonation. The simple percussions on the rhythmic accompaniment in blend with excellent string orchestral create a huge impact. Much alike other tracks, this one too focalizes on grieves of the innocuous souls held as captives by rich landlords.

Overall, Paradesi is a power-packed attempt by GV Prakash. For the first time in his career, the young musician narrates the complete story through his musical realms. Obviously, the tracks prove that it’s going to be the soul of this film.
Verdict: An exceedingly exceptional composition by GV Prakash

Review by Richard Mahesh (Top 10)


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