Rajini Special: How Rajinikanth become a Bus Conductor in Bangalore?

When Rajnikanth was old enough to work he decided that he must find a job that would help him to contribute to the upkeep of his family. Now, we bring another exclusive story about our super star grown up days..

He wanted to study further but after completing his Plus 1 he had to give up his studies and look for a job. His family finances did not allow further studies. Years later after he married Lata he encouraged her to do something for the education of children. She started a school based on good Dharmic values called the Ashram. So after school he applied for and got a job as a Bus conductor in the Bangalore Transport Corporation (BTC). Among his fellow workers in the bus service was one Raj Bahadur. He influenced Rajni greatly and would give him money and moral support.

Raj Bahadur had a hobby, which was to at in plays. He was very active in dramas and he noticed that Rajni had a natural flair for acting. He is the one who convinced Rajni to apply for the Film Institute in Chennai. He also would send money to Rajni out of his savings. Rajni did a two-year course in acting when he was at the Film Institute but during that time he never quit his job as a bus conductor.

The BTC also never fired him instead of which they allowed him to do his course at the Film Institute while continuing to be a bus conductor. That meant that every now and then Rajni resumed his duties as a bus conductor. As a matter of fact he used to work as a conductor on Route No 10. His bus would ply between Majestic and Sri Nagar/Hanumanth Nagar. Rajni was never ashamed of his days as a bus conductor and never fails to acknowledge his friends from those days.

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