Rajini Special: Reason for Superstar's anxious fights!

Only close friends from his childhood know that Rajnikanth always had an inclination for acting. We brings you this exclusive bit of news about Rajinikanth Childhood.
His father, Shri Ramoji Rao Gaikwad, was a constable in the Karnataka Police and a strict disciplinarian too.

It was said that when his father was on duty if he saw any overloaded tonga (Horse cart) the cart men would abandon the Tonga and run away. Over loading was a common thing and they would dread to come across the senior Gaikwad. They would flee leaving Rajnikanth’s father the task of taking the horse cart to the police station. Rajni’s friends say that he inherited his father’s fearless spirit and was ever ready to fight to defend himself. Rajnikanth studied at the Acharya Patashala in Basavanagudi in suburban Bangalore.

Rajnikanth’s mother Ram Bai died when Rajni was very young leaving his father to take care of him. He had an elder sister called Ramabai and two brothers. The elder brother was Satyanarayana Rao Gaikwad and the other brother was Nageshwara Rao Gaikwad. Rajni was the youngest in the family and when his father retired the responsibility of bringing up the family fell on the eldest brother.

Nageshwara was Rajni’s favourite and when he enlisted in the army and went to fight the war against the Chinese in 1962 Rajni went through some anxious times. Nageshwara returned after the war was over but since he was wounded in the war the Government gave him a job in Hindustan Aeronautics Bangalore. Rajni’s friends say that Nageshwara was a kind and jolly person and Rajni adopted many of his mannerisms when he became an actor. Unfortunately Nageshwara died soon after but if he had been alive he would have been in his mid sixties. He was the closest to Rajnikanth and people who knew them say that the two of them were more like friends than brothers.

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