Samantha pairs Dhanush for 'Sottavalakutty'

Samantha pairs Dhanush for 'Sottavalakutty'
Amala Paul was the one, who formerly got the chance of acting with dhanush but to her coincidance she was busy with some projects and then the plum offer appeared to have landed on the lap of Hansika Motwani.

She also could not accept the offer for some reason , then finally it was decided to Samantha who emerged as a winner.

The specualations is all about the movie 'Sottavalakutty', the next film of Sargunam, which has Dhanush in the lead role. Since Hansika was busy with her projects she could not allocate her callsheet and that the oppurtunity knocked the door of Samantha . Samantha was galvanized on hearing the script and without any hesitation she gives her date for the movie.

The story is all about how a dentist is getting attracted by a rural charm and goes like that .In which Dhanush playing a rural youth and the heroine is a dentist.

Hope this pair lights up........


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