Theatre's against Kamal's Vishwaroopam

The Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association huddled up for a meeting in Madurai recently to draw a consensus on Kamal Hassan's plan to release Vishwaroopam in DTH.

While the Producer's Council has arrived upon an agreement to consider the idea, the theater owners, under the leadership of Mr. Annamalai, collectively voiced their opinion against it yet again. Following their last meeting, they have said that they will not permit release of any film in theatres if it goes the DTH way, as ideated by Kamal for Vishwaroopam which is planned for release on Januray 11th 2013.

After concluding their emergency meeting, the Theatre Owners Association requested Kamal to re-evaluate his options and reconsider his decisions about the DTH release. At the moment, Kamal seems to be firmly standing his ground on this matter. He has also urged the general public to make 60 sec videos about the benefits of DTH, which may be used to promote the idea even further.


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