Thuppakki & Podaa Podi 4th week Box Office Collections

Thuppakki 4th Weeks Box Office Collections
Vijay has a huge loyal fan base and they will ensure an earth-shattering opening. Thuppakki title issue had kept the movie under the radar for a few months until out-of-court settlement was reached with Kallathuppakki team.
Vijay's fans never let that controversy impact the movie. They have taken care of keeping the hype up even during the down periods. The films have been big hits in the past even though his last outing 7aum Arivu received mixed reviews. Director AR Murugadoss had been working on Thuppakki's script after the completion of Ghajini (Tamil). He was ready to begin shooting with Akshay Kumar even prior to 7aum Arivu. We can look forward to a complete entertainer from him.

AR Murugadoss' movies have always boasted of slick technical values; Thuppakki will not be an exception. Four times National Award winning Cinematographer and Director Santhosh Sivan will be a major asset to the film.

Vijay Thuppakki 1st Day Collections is 11.03 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 2nd Day Collections is 13.65 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 3rd Day Collections is 11.05 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 4th Day Collections is 9.65 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 5th Day Collections is 9.10 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 6th Day Collections is 9.35 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 7th Day Collections is 8.15 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 8th Day Collections is 8.03 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 9th Day Collections is 7.49 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 10th Day Collections is 7.35 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 11th Day Collections is 7.10 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 12th Day Collections is 7.26 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 13th Day Collections is 8.12 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 14th Day Collections is 7.42 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 15th Day Collections is 6.96 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 16th Day Collections is 6.30 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 17th Day Collections is 5.65 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 18th Day Collections is 5.02 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 19th Day Collections is 5.11 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 20th Day Collections is 4.52 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 21st Day Collections is 3.05 Crores
Vijay Thuppakki 22nd Day Collections is 2.72 Crores
Total Collections is 164.08 Crores

Podaa Podi

Poda Podi 4th Week Collections
STR Poda Podi serves a decorous family entertainer. Right on the first frame, you're revealed about the motto of Young Superstar Silambarasan and debutant Vignesh Shivan about the film – it's a Hollywood kind of feel good romantic flick.

Poda Podi 1st Day Collections is 5.02 Crores Poda Podi 2nd Day Collections is 6.53 Crores
Poda Podi 3rd Day Collections is 5.13 Crores
Poda Podi 4th Day Collections is 4.26 Crores
Poda Podi 5th Day Collections is 4.02 Crores
Poda Podi 6th Day Collections is 3.60 Crores
Poda Podi 7th Day Collections is 3.52 Crores
Poda Podi 8th Day Collections is 3.45 Crores
Poda Podi 9th Day Collections is 3.32 Crores
Poda Podi 10th Day Collections is 3.18 Crores
Poda Podi 11th Day Collections is 3.08 Crores
Poda Podi 12th Day Collections is 3.11 Crores
Poda Podi 13th Day Collections is 3.30 Crores
Poda Podi 14th Day Collections is 3.02 Crores
Poda Podi 15th Day Collections is 2.85 Crores
Poda Podi 16th Day Collections is 2.80 Crores
Poda Podi 17th Day Collections is 2.72 Crores
Poda Podi 18th Day Collections is 2.65 Crores
Poda Podi 19th Day Collections is 2.72 Crores
Poda Podi 20th Day Collections is 2.67 Crores
Poda Podi 21st Day Collections is 2.02 Crores
Poda Podi 22nd Day Collections is 1.61 Crores
Total Collections is 74.58 Crores


  1. Big comedy Kutty, Who told Enthiran crossed 300 crores(Dont Believe Stupid Sun Pictures(They told Mangatha collected 130 crores, In Chennai and important districts only Mangatha ran successfully, In pondicherry,cuddalore, it is hit only not even super hit), Even 250 crores it dont crossed,Enthiran gross is nearly 220 to 230 crores only because of Big Solo Release more than 50 days,Stupid Sun Pictures Over Publicity,By preventing other movies to release(That's why Now Sun Pictures not distributing any movies). Enthiran mainly satisfied Educated people only, even in B and C centres, the crowd is less when Compare to Shivaji, I Truly Believe Shivaji is the Best collected movie of Rajini without depend on stupid sun pictures,not preventing other movies to release, whereas Enthiran is cheated other movies to release, Enthiran is Really Good Movie, But in village centres most of the people not understand the story,concept only Educated people only like that movie, Shivaji is liked by All class of Peoples.

  2. Poda Podi is Big Flop movie of this year, how it collected 70 crores pa, Sema comedy details, Even 7 days not ran in Pondicherry and Cuddalore, They took it out after a week, Dont Give this type of Fake details


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