Vasanth missed the chance to direct Rajinikanth

Director Suresh Krissna who worked with Superstar Rajinikanth on films like Baasha and Baba recently released a book called 'My Days with Baasha' which recalls his accounts with the Superstar.

During a recent interview, he narrated one such account relating to the filming of Annamalai. He said that Vasanth had been the original choice of Kavithalaya Productions but he had backed out due to personal reasons. The opportunity then came knocking at Suresh Krissna's door through K. Balachander, who had requested him to take up the project.

He revealed that he had commenced the shooting within two days of receiving the call from K.B, and that the story itself hadn't taken shape yet at the point. He also said that several scenes and dialogues, including the classic 'kannakku' scene were developed literally on the spot. Suresh Krissna admitted that it was sheer destiny and magic that he could work on a blockbuster film like Annamalai.


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