Arun Vijay enjoys the stunts for Deal

The year seems to have started on an adventurous note for actor Arun Vijay. The actor did some high speed driving on the ATV jeep in the deserts in Doha where he had been to recently.

The thrilled actor reminisced, “Skydiving on a desert has always been a dream of mine and it was a mind-blowing experience. I had gone a long way inside the desert of Doha on the ATV jeep and I got stuck while ascending a sand hill. All four tyres of my vehicle got caught in the sand and I was unable to move the jeep. There was no one in the vicinity and I had to get my way out after a struggle along with my cousin for three long hours. Despite all the trouble, I enjoyed the drive thoroughly amidst all this chaos. It was quite an adventurous start to the year,” says Arun Vijay. The actor is currently busy with his upcoming film Deal, in which he teams up with Karthika Nair.


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