Notice for Mrs Vadivelu to vaccate poramboke land

Ace comedian Vadivelu is facing a fresh crisis. As if his two-year long absence from the film industry, brought about by him 'wrongly' aligning himself with the erstwhile ruling party in the State prior to the 2011 elections is not enough, he is facing fresh problems on the domestic front with his wife Visalakshi getting notice from the Revenue authorities who have asked her to vacate the 'poromboke land' occupied by her.

Its a known fact that Vadivelu owns plenty of properties in the form of lands at many places. This 'poromboke' land in question is situated in the Manimanganam Panchayat limits in Kundrathur town in Kancheepuram District. The more than 200-acre land at Pushpagiri belongs to the Government. It turns out that 30 years back, the 'encroached' land was sold to peasants from Andhra who sold off the same to many actresses and actors a few years back as they weren't getting enough agricultural work.

It is said that 20 persons including Visalakshi have been using the 130-odd acres of land in the form of farm-house, etc. The Revenue Divisional Officer of the said region is said to have issued notices to Visalakshi and others to vacate from the 'poromboke lands' belonging to the Government in 15 days' time or face legal action as they have been accused of 'encroaching' on the government property.

The encroachment issue is said to be existing unresolved for the past many years. The locals are surprised that the Government has taken up the issue of encroachment only now after remaining silent all these years. As such, Vadivelu faces a catch-22 situation as his wife has to either vacate the lands or face legal action.


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