Parthiban's heartfelt speech makes Bharathiraja guilty
A heartfelt speech from Parthiban during the audio launch of Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum has left its director Bharathiraja in a contemplative mood.

It seems that Parthiban was initially selected for a role in the movie but was unceremoniously replaced with another actor without even being informed. Still Parthiban took the pains to travel to Madurai where the audio launch took place to deliver an emotional speech in his inimitable style. It is being said that Parthiban left as soon as he delivered his speech since he had to catch a train immediately.

In a speech by Bharathiraja that followed, the ace director had publicly lauded Parthiban for his gesture despite being left out of the project and also exclaimed that he now feels guilty of dropping the actor from his film.

Parthiban's recent letter

Parthiban has shared his opinion in Facebook.

Here are excerpts from what Parthiban shared in facebook:-

My greetings to people of Madurai who adhere to world quality…’‘I am going to relate to you a story… and it might sound like I am fibbing. Nearly 1013 years back, a king ruled Madurai. He was a genius… he was invincible… An enemy, who could not face him, surrounded the king and carried out a plot such that the king was chained…’‘He dismembered the king’s body… but the life was still there in the body… as he knew that one particular vein gave life, he searched for the vein… he searched for the vein like searching for wire to detonate the bomb… finally, as the enemy cut the vein of ‘love’, the life parted away… Before the king died he said ‘Since love was there like a small wire in my body, you cut it… thousand years later, a king would emerge. He would be such that love is body, life and emotion. Nobody could fell him…’‘As long as love is there, he would be there…. his love would be for cinema… so, as long as cinema is there, nobody can destroy him…’ said the king and died. The king spoke of nobody else other than Bharathiraja. Taj Mahal is symbol of love… Bharathiraja is Taj Mahal for Tamil cinema.’‘A girl who did movie ‘Anna Kodiyum Kodi Veeranum’ said that, even at this age, Bharathiraja has wonderfully enacted love… Then I warned her saying that it is not acting … and added that it is real. So, do not be betrayed… I told her…. Till date, as I see a girl’s face peeking out of window or door, I am reminded of Bharathiraja. The music by Ilayaraja and screenplay by Bharathiraja merge and give a fantastic output… One could quote a number of numbers in Bharathiraja’s movie. The names of female characters in Bharathiraja’s movie remain indelible in every body’s heart. But, nobody remembers the name of male characters in his movies.

‘In his movies, Bharathiraja makes the hero a dummy. Finally, the hero goes to jail…But Bharathiraja is in possession of wonderful heroines…Karthika is to create impression through the movie… Bharatiraja is one who delivered the real flavour of Tamil soil in cinema…Bharathiraja was moved at speech by Parthiban. ‘Without telling him anything… I dropped out Parthiban from the movie… But he has made no mention of that in the event… and has praised me. Now, I feel guilty.’


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