'Platinum' lady Nayanthara goes glamour for Ajith!

Nayanthara is pairing once again with Ajith in a film directed by Vishnuvardhan. This film has been titled Valai.
There is news that she has acted in this film wearing swimsuit. She had earlier acted in Billa in this outfit.

It is understood that she has reduced the size of her outfit to look more sexy and glamorous. Nayanthara has gone to this level in order to manage the competitions with her colleagues.

Nayanthara does not wear jewels. When asked her about this, she said, "Gold is adored by women but I am not fond of it. I like platinum. Once in a way I wear jewels made out of platinum. That will depict simplicity.

Though I am not interested in gold ornaments, I am fond of gold rings. I will wear any amount of rings in my fingers. People in my house and friends know about this. My relatives will gift me with rings once my film is a hit. I have variety of rings in my house. I like to wear rings in all my fingers."


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