'Policegiri' is Saamy in Hindi!

Tamil remakes are the hot favourites this season and the latest to join the bandwagon is producer T P Aggarwal, with the remake of Saamy.

The director of the film, KS Ravikumar said after confirming the title with the producer, “There was a tentative change in the film’s title, which was earlier going to run under the same name Saamy, but it was later changed to Thanedaar Returns. Having said that, the idea of having the same name as the Tamil flick and later Thanedaar Returns were in conflict with Sanjay’s interest. We did not want to mislead our audiences by giving them an impression of a sequel. So he sat down with me and the other members of the film and brainstormed over a lot of titles apt of the film. We short listed a few titles such as Rudra, Powerplay, The Game of Action, The Saviour, or Battle of Fire. Yet, Sanju felt the names were very cliche and insisted to run around a title that can easily connect with the common man’s lingo but at the same time should be unique.”

He added, ” In the process, Sanju noted that we use a lot of lingo such as, ‘Dadagiri, ‘Gundagiri’ and ‘Bhaigiri’ and the most famous being, ‘Gandhigiri’ so why couldn’t we aptly put it as ‘ Policegiri’? He felt that this title could really connect with the audience as ‘giri’ represents the common Hindi speaking individual’s lingo. While deciding the title, the producer of the film TP Aggarwal trusted Sanjay’s creative instincts and finalized the title as Policegiri.”

Sanjay added, “Yes, the film is titled Policegiri and I am confident that the audiences will connect with the film.” Policegiri is said to be a May 2013 release.


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