[Video] Rajini gives full support, film personalities rushes to Kamal House

[Video] Rajini gives full support, film personalities rushes to Kamal House
Tamil film industry’s reigning ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth has come in support of actor and film-maker Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam in a letter to his fans on Friday.
The film fraternity has been by and large quiet in the wake of the ban on the movie and the subsequent court case at the Madras High Court. The few reactions that have come so far have been from a few actors who are active on Twitter. With the letter, Rajinikanth has been the most prominent voice yet from Tamil Nadu, in support of Kamal Haasan.

In an open letter to all his Tamil film fans, Rajinikanth has said his “close friend for 40 years” is incapable of hurting the sentiments of anyone. Claiming to be very disturbed at the wake of the opposition by Muslim groups to the release of the movie, the actor pointed out that the fact that Kamal Haasan screened the movie for a section of Muslim leaders, even before releasing it in theatres, was clear proof that he respected the sentiments of the people.

He urged the aggrieved parties to wait and talk on the issue with Kamal Haasan upon his return from the US (where the Hindi version of the movie Vishwaroop premiered on Wednesday and the Tamil version Vishwaroopam premiered on Thursday). He suggested that instead of calling on a total ban on the release of the movie, the aggrieved parties could ask him to review only those sequences that caused hurt. “Having learned how he raised money to finance the Rs.100 crore movie, I am most disturbed.”

Praising Kamal Haasan as “no ordinary artist,” Rajinikanth said the film-maker intended to elevate Tamil cinema to a global scale.

In a passionate statement issued to the media Rajini asked Muslims "To sit with Haasan and discuss the issue and allow its release without affecting its storyline".

"Kamal is no ordinary artiste but an extraordinary one who can take Tamil cinema to new levels," Rajini said.

He also wished his Muslim fans on the occasion of Milad-un-Nabi.

Film Industry

The film industry has started realizing the magnitude of the situation that Kamal Haasan is experiencing with Vishwaroopam’s release and they are gathering in Kamal Haasan’s house in Alwarpet for a show of support and unity.

At the time of writing, the people who are already there include Bharathirajaa, Vairamuthu, Prasanna, Sneha, Arvind Swamy, Radhika, Arun Vaidhyanathan, Mumtaz, Mansoor Ali Khan, Simbu, Prabhu, Gnanavel Raja, Khushboo, Radha Ravi, Sivakumar, Karthi among others. The biggest of them all, Superstar Rajinikanth is also apparently on his way to Kamal’s residence. The entire media is in attendance at Kamal's residence to take a stock of things. There is also a huge police presence to make sure that the sea of gathered fans are under control.

Looks like all of them have been shaken up by the press meet in which Kamal spoke about having to leave the country and find a secular place for himself. Rajini is expected to talk to Kamal and comfort him on a day which has resulted in maddening stress for the Ulaganayagan.


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