Thulasi Nair - The spunky 15 year old, beautiful... [Interview]

She's the daughter of Radha, niece of Ambika and sister of Karthika, all actors. So its no surprise that cinema is a vital part of newcomer Thulasi Nair who debuts in Mani Ratnam's Kadal.
The spunky 15 year old, tall, confident and beautiful, spoke to us and revealed bits about herself and her debut film…

What's your role in the movie?
I play a girl Beatrice from a fishing hamlet.

Was it tough working with a hard task master like Mani Ratnam in your debut film?
He was never harsh! He is so completely chilled out and put us all at ease. He would explain things and never pressured us in any way. In fact I got so used to his support that I needed him to be always behind the camera for me to do a shot! (laughs)

What was your first shot in the film?
Well, I had to ride a bike and there was a crowd. Mani sir just told me, 'think no one is around you and do your job'. He kept encouraging me on how well I was riding the bike and before we knew it, my nervousness had vanished.

You have done a lip lock. Did you have any qualms about it?
Well if you see the trailer you'll know it was just a peck. Mani sir had asked me if I was okay with And I  knew that he wouldn't ask me to do anything unless it was really required  for the story.

What advice did your mom give you?
Well, she would never come to the sets! Only dad would be with me. But after the shoot she would discuss things with me. Both Karthika and my mom have been a great support.

What is Thulasi the person like in real life?
Well, I am like any other teenager! I am studying in Mumbai for my 10th boards. In my free time I enjoy reading, especially vampire novels. I like the Twilight series and supernatural stuff. I chat on the phone with my friends , tweet and watch TV.


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