Vishal accuses culprits who prevents 'Samar' release!

Vishal accuses culprits who prevents 'Samar' release!
‘Samar’ is running successfully in every theater. Also, he related the hassles with regard to release of movie ‘Samar’.

Movie ‘Samar’, pairing up Vishal and Trisha was released for Pongal. The movie is running in theatres. Vishal has accused that there was plot to prevent the movie from being released. Regarding this, Vishal gave interview:-

‘Very since commencement of schedules till completion of the movie, there were many hindrances. Many people tried preventing the movie’s release. I am not able to find out the culprits.’

‘There was belief that as the movie is a new effort, it would be spoken about. Now, it has turned true. The movie ‘Samar’ is a hit. The number of theatres has increased. Many said that the movie would not be released. But, the movie has crossed the hassles and has turned success. My fans are the reason for that.’

‘The movie is to be released in Telugu the coming 25th. I do not know whether the hassles are due to those who do not desire my progress. It is usual that there is competition in cinema. I am ready for competition. As they said the movie would not be released, many theatres backed away from releasing the movie.’

‘I do not know who is at the background of these problems. Following ‘Sanda Kozhi’, We suffered a lot to release the movie ‘Samar’. I tried pairing up with Trisha several times. It did not happen. I got the chance to pair up with her for ‘Samar’. I am happy. I would pair up with her again’, said Vishal.

Director Thiru spoke:-
‘The movie Samar has crossed many hassles and has been released. Initially, the movie hit screens in very less theatres. Now, there are 60 more theatres in which the movie is screened.’


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