Biryani: Venkat Prabhu uses motion capture technology

Shooting for Karthi's Biryani is proceeding at a brisk pace in and around Puducherry the last few days.

Karthi, Nitin Sathya, Murugadas and Panchu Subbu performed a high-action sequence and part of the climax on Pondy's roads. "For the first time we are using motion capture technology for a stunt block in Biryani. We shot this particular live action scene with a multiple camera setup. I, cinematographer Sakthi and the stunt choreographer Silva were on double alert since it was shot on motion capture. But the outcome is awesome," according to Venkat Prabhu.

While Hansika romances Karthi, UK-born Punjabi actress, Mandi Tahkar, is cast in a crucial role.


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