Censor board is getting more strict and cautious

CBFC makes it tough
The recent controversies on movies have made CBFC to take some tough decisions. The controversies are not new to any industry, so they are advising the film directors, producers and actors to make the things run smoothly.

CBFC got itself into trouble with Viswaroopam and it's now taking appropriate measures to avoid the controversial situations. In the recent times, Jayam Ravi's Aadhi Bhagavan got itself into title troubles, so CBFC suggested for a title change and director Ameer renamed title into 'Ameer in Aadhi Bhagavan'.

CBFC also asked to change the song from Siddharth's upcoming Telugu movie Jabardasth beside Samantha. This movie has a song composed by SS.Thaman "Allah allah..." and it is changed to "Halla gulla..." Siddharth tweeted, "As long as my film didn't end up causing violent communal riots, I'm relieved. Thank you for upholding peace, logic and tolerance."


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