Cinevistaas presents 'Mahabharatham' on Sun TV

Cinevistaas 'Mahabharatham' on Sun TV
For the first time in the history of Tamil Television the magnum opus epic “Mahabharatham” is produced in Tamil by Cinevistaas.
The Tamil viewers have so far seen this great epic only in the dubbed version. Beyond that the story was condensed to 52 episodes owing to time constraints. For the first with a team of writers headed by renowned scholar and Sahithya Academy award winner Mr. Prabhanchan has come out with a well researched version of Mahabharatham. The story is told elaborately and at the same time tautly without missing out the finer nuances of the epic.

Once we hear the word Mahabharatham the first thing that comes in our mind is Pandavas, Gauravas,Draupathi, Shaguni & Krishna. But for the first time in this show the viewer will get to know about Shanthanu, Ganga Devi & the sacrifice of Young Bheeshma and various other interesting characters never seen on screen before.

This television series is mounted like a film with all its glory & grandeur. Massive sets with nearly 700 actors & junior actors, elegant costumes, expensive jewellery and well conceived action sequences aptly supported by high-end computer graphics.

The best of technicians from TV & Film industry are involved in creating this great epic. Seasoned film music director Deva is creating the title song and scoring the background score for the first time for Television. The title song was written by Pa. Vijay and sung by none other then Shankar Mahadevan. This high voltage song was choreographed by Ashokrajan and captured in Red One camera by veteran cinematographer Ganesh Kumar. The action sequences are choreographed by ‘Killi’ Sekar on a massive scale The starcast includes Poovilangu Mohan, O.A. K. Sundar, Ilavarasan, Devipriya, Pooja Lokesh, Iswarya and others. This prestigious show is going to be a launch pad for a bunch of young talented actors who are sourced and trained exclusively for this period drama.

Veteran Film director Mr. Suresh Krissna, who has completed more then fifty feature films in all Indian languages, is directing this epic. He feels that this will be his ‘dream come true’ project. He is passionately involved in this project and he strongly feels that his pet television venture will be a sure winner.

This magnum opus is produced by Cinevistaas, a leading media production house in India headed by Mr. Prem Kishen Malhothra & Mr. Sunil Mehta. They are the pioneers in Television Production in India. Mr. Sunil Mehta is the creator behind the landmark TV show “Junoon” which is still fresh in the minds of TV viewers. For Mr. Mehta making “Mahabharatham” is his life ambition and he has spent lavishly to mount this show in all its glory. This engrossing epic will stand alone in today’s clutter of TV shows. A Visual treat worth waiting for.

Mahabharatham will be telecasted in Sun TV starting from February 17 every Sunday between 10 – 11A.M

CHARACTER                                                ARTIST
VYASA                                                           Poovilangu Mohan
BHEESHMA                                                  O.A.K. Sundar
SHANTANU                                                 Ilavarasan
SATYAVATHY                                           Devipriya
GANGA                                                         Rashmi
AMBAI                                                          Pooja Lokesh
DRAUPATHY                                              Ishwarya
JENAMEJAYAN                                       Manohar
KRISHNA                                                    Amit Bhargav (Introducing)
SHAGUNI                                                    Ramesh Pandey(Introducing)
AMBIKAI                                                    Archana Gaikwad(Introducing)
AMBALIKAI                                              Roopika(Introducing)
PARSURAMAR                                        Bharathkumar(Introducing)
VASHISHTAR                                           Gururaj(Introducing)

DIRECTOR : Suresh Krishna (“Director of “Basha”)
PRODUCER : Sunil Mehta, Prem Kishen Malhothra
PRODUCTION HOUSE : Cinevistas Limited
WRITER : Prapanchan
CINEMATOGRAPHER : Ganesh (Cameraman of all serials produced by Balaji Telefilms )
ART DIRECTOR : Magie ( Done some 60 films as Art Director )
COSTUME DESIGNER : Chandra Acharya.K, Murugan
MAKE UP MAN : Rajendran ( Personal makeup man of Actor Satyaraj )
2ND UNIT DIRECTOR : C. V. Sasikumar (Director “Sengottai” )


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