Complaint against Singam 2, says against Muslims

Complaint against Singam 2, says against Muslims
Singam 2 is a film which has Surya, Anushka and Hansika in the cast. This film which is ready for release has been directed by Hari.

Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi has accused that this film has some scenes against Muslims. Vanni Arasu who is the spoke person of the party has submitted a complaint petition to the Censor Board with regard to this.

He has mentioned, “The villains of the film Singam 2 which has Surya in the lead role has been depicted as sea pirates. This film has been directed by Hari.

It is also understood that there are some sequences which are against Muslims. It is the duty of the moral police to point out such sequences. Hence we are bringing this to the notice of the Censor Board.

The members should not allow these kinds of sequences. They should certify after deleting these sequences. The release of Viswaroobam was banned not because of the Muslims alone.

The Censor Board members are also responsible for this. Since the Censor Board members did not do their duty, there is an extraordinary situation in Tamil Nadu. Learning a lesson from this, the members should carefully examine the films before certifying it.”


  1. enda suriya, neenga hero ahurathuku engala(muslim) kollayana, terrorista kaati neenga nalla sampathikinga



  2. people in tamilnadu----------- get out from india & go to afgan you rascals........... You think film is god. People making unnecessary issues against the movies are the saathan (devils) they doesn't know what is god. movie is just a fairy tale or a true story no need of over reacting. the people against viswaroopam may be terrorists not muslim or any political parties. when you see the movie u will understand it................ now against a masala commercial movie. unbelievable tommorow they will say some prayers in item song so remove it will they remove..... crazy country,,,,,,,,

    1. Anonymous mind your language u get out from india whom u say rascals, I thing u is rascals why u in wall inside of muslim in your god movies don't use muslim name your using your name only rascal.

  3. cheap publicity seekers , get a life for god sake!!!!


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