Films with Item song will be given ‘A’ certificate

Films with Item song will be given ‘A’ certificate
Films with item songs are going to get an A certificate, as per the new guidelines formed by Censor Board of Film Certification.
All these item songs need to be deleted while playing on TV channels as adult content is not allowed on small screen. This radical decision is taken by CBFC at Mumbai after feeling the heat of Delhi gang-rape incident. Since cinematography act was drawn in 1952, it needs serious amendments in order to define what an item song is. Item songs didn’t exist in 1952.

“The issue of handing ‘A’ certificates to item songs was discussed in the censor board meeting and the chairperson has decided on it,” confirmed Pankaja Thakur, CEO, CBFC, adding that the Delhi gang-rape had pushed the board to take such a decision.

According to sources, the censor board had been feeling the pressure after it faced tremendous flak for the Hindi film industry’s objectionable portrayal of women and offensive lyrics. “The board decided that some serious measures needed to be put in place before the public anger boiled over.Hence, this decision was made with immediate effect,” sources said. Brijmohan Sharma, a former member of the censor board, noted that the definition of item songs hasn’t been formulated yet and ambiguity will result in misuse by filmmakers.
All films with item songs will get an ‘Adult’ rating, as per a recent order of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). An ‘A’ certificate will hit filmmakers hard, as satellite television rates of the film will plunge.

If "A" Rating = Pay more tax & Will not be telecast on TV


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