Ilayaraja - Bharathiraja fight comes to light, Ilayaraja complaints about Bharathiraja

Ilayaraja - Bharathiraja fight comes to light, Ilayaraja complaints about Bharathiraja
Update: Bharathiraja responds, asks Ilayaraja to leave his 'head weight'

The clash between Music Maestro Ilayaraja and director Bharathiraja has come to light through report published in a weekly magazine.

Ilayaraja has lamented that Bharathiraja forcibly invited him to the audio launch of 'Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum' and insulted him.

In the Question and Answer section of a magazine, a reader raised question ‘In film event held in Madurai, Bharathiraja was happily chatting with actresses like a youth. But when he spoke about you, he was pointing out mistakes and was speaking like giving advice to you. How was your mentality then?’

Ilayaraja answered the question

‘Those things that Bharathiraja spoke about me in the stage should have been done in privacy with me. But the reason behind Bharathiraja speaking in the stage about me is that if he speaks to me in person, my answer would pin his mouth shut.’

‘The human birth is a rare chance and one should make the best use of it... and on the contrary one should not point out mistakes in others....’

‘The grievance he has towards me is that I am not like him. Maybe, he thinks I should booze and raise tantrums... Or, does he think that I am losing one such thing...’

‘Is it possible for me to change as he desires...? Should I be like he thinks? Then, why these advices, and humiliation in the stage... I should ignore his speech as that of a madman’s speech.’

‘Anyhow, this birth has been wasted... Bygones are bygones... One might feel why I wrote like this... Is it befitting for him to have forcibly called me for the event and having insulted me...? Does he not know that it would spread through internet and get recorded in video?’

It is to be noted that director and actor Ra Parthiban lamented having been humiliated by Bharathiraja in audio launch of ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’.


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