Kamal likely to take part in Muslim group meeting today

Kamal likely to take part in Muslim group meeting today
After first round of talks between makers of Vishwaroopam and protesting groups on Friday failed to break the deadlock, actor Kamal Haasan is likely to hold talks himself today seeking to end the ban on the movie.

The Haasan, who was in Mumbai for the release of the Hindi version of the 95-crore thriller, is returning to Chennai today.

All through Friday, Kamal's brother Chandra Haasan met with the government and leaders of Muslim groups whose objections to the film had provoked a two-week ban. But talks were postponed as the protesters demanded Kamal Haasan's presence during the meeting. Hence, the second round of meeting scheduled for last evening was postponed for today.

Chandra, who has co-produced Vishwaroopam, said that after a first round of consultations, he was asked by protesting groups to make cuts adding upto nine minutes. "I am not technically or morally competent" he said, adding that the decision will be made by Kamal Haasan after he returns to Chennai.

The actor told on Thursday, "I don't think the film will have to be chopped. I will talk to my Muslim brothers."

The mediation session was offered on Thursday by Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa who stridently defended the ban, arguing that it was necessary to maintain law and order and to give both sides time to "cool down and come to an agreement."

Sources have told that the state Home Secretary, who is mediating the talks, is in favour of active engagement by both sides to resolve the controversy.

Sources close to Kamal Haasan have told that the actor is also eager to work out an arrangement. Sources have also indicated that Kamal may also meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to thank her personally for her support.

Earlier this week, the actor, who has also directed and produced the film, met with Muslim leaders and agreed to delete a list of scenes and words that were identified as contentious. His production company, Raj Kamal Films International, asked the government to formalise a settlement.


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