Kamal's next after Vishwaroopam 2 is 'Moo'

Kamal's next after Vishwaroopam 2 is 'Moo'
Kamal’s next flick will be “Moo”. He said that he is focusing on Vishwaroopam 2 now and then move on to “Moo”.

He said "I will be registering the title soon. It denotes three. The Tamil language has this beauty about it - you can tell a word in one syllable, like nee, naan, thee. I'd like to title my next film, post Vishwaroopam 2, as Moo." He will be playing 3 roles in the movie. The movie might be taken on English because of Kamal’s interest in Hollywood. Barrie Osborne is well known for his series of "Lord Of The Rings". " I am inspired by Kamal Haasan. We are discussing a project together. I hope it comes true soon." says Barrie Osborne.

Sources say that “There's no official confirmation about Moo yet. Kamal sir is planning to make Vishwaroopam 2 next and he had mentioned that even during the talks with the Muslim groups. He has already shot most of the film and will shoot the remaining portions soon. In fact, when Vishwaroopam ends, there's an indication that the sequel will take place in India."


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