KV Anand clears the air, film with Vijay is rumour

KV Anand clears the air, film with Vijay is rumour
Rumours about Vijay being in KV Anand’s next project has been proved false. KV Anand has spoken with sources in Behindwoods that it is not true and is all a rumor.

You must have heard about it if you are following us in our facebook or twitter page, that there were some news floating in web saying below,
Actor VIJAY has planned to make a film with director KV ANAND just after the shooting of film "JILLA". Sources close to VIJAY say that this film will be a BIG BUDGET MOVIE of the career of VIJAY.
KV Anand has reacted to this rumour when sources asked. The director has no commitments with the actor on any projects as of now and has said that he is fully busy with a current project and says that any other commitment this time will tamper the current project he is working on.

The cinematographer turned director is said to have use his experience from his journalism days to add a pinch of fact and realism in some of his movies like KO, Ayan and Maattran


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