Politics behind Vishwaroopam row - Atul Tiwari

Politics behind Vishwaroopam row - Atul Tiwari
Co-writer of the multilingual film "Vishwaroopam", Atul Tiwari alleged that politics played a role in creating the controversy surrounding the movie.
Tiwari who wrote the film along with actor-director Kamal Haasan lamented that the 58-year-old Tamil film stalwart was made a pawn in the controversy.

"Jo bhi controversy hui woh rajneeti se prerit thi. Mujhe lagta hai ki rajneetik fayede ke liye kisi ko mohra nahi banana chahiye (Politics played a role in film controversy. Nobody should be made a pawn for political benefits ," says Atul Tiwari, regarding the ban on the film.

Earlier, a group of Muslim organisations protested against the film. They said the film showcases Muslims in a bad light. Tamil Nadu government banned the film. However, the ban has been lifted after Kamal reached an agreement with the Muslim organisations. The film is all set to release across Tamil Nadu.

"Vishwaroopam" was already released in neighbouring states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The film is doing well. Even the Hindi version of the film "Vishwaroop" is doing good business across North India.

Regarding Kamal's emotional outburst when the controversy was at its peak, Tiwari told The Times of India that it was justified. "Kamal has devoted 50 years of his life by working in Tamil Nadu and finally, when he wants justice, it is not given to him. No dignified person would tolerate this and would definitely want to leave the place where he and his work are not respected."

Tiwari also talked about the film sequel.

"We have already started working on Vishwaroopam 2, and the scripting for the sequel is on. In fact, while shooting Vishwaroopam, we had already shot some scenes for Vishwaroopam 2," he said.


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