Powerstar arrives to the event in Auto

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The center crew of Summa Nachinu Irukku was gathered at the GRT meeting focus to address the media regarding their upcoming picture.
The essential actively present people incorporated head A.Venkatesh, the picture's victor Thaman Kumar, victor Vibha, cameraman C.J. Rajkumar separated from the two National Honor champs Thambi Ramaiah and Appu Kutty. Be that as it may the get-together was anticipating an additional crux part of the group, Powerstar Dr. Sreenivasan, who at last turned up in an auto since his auto had a level tire on the route to the venue.

When Powerstar arrived he entertained the gathering of people in his regular style. He welcomed the Makers of the picture, Esthell Performers, as relatives and expanded relatives. He thanked them for giving him the chance to act in this picture. He reviewed that he gained his first paycheck of the year from them, which was offered to him on New Year's Day. The head has reserved in two Russian dance lovers to shake a leg with Powerstar for a tune.

Head A. Venkatesh stated that they all needed to hurry from the shooting spot to the press meet and it was a for direction dates of huge names like Powerstar, Thambi Ramaiah and Appu Kutty. He had an uncommon statements of acclaim for cameraman C.J. Rajkumar who came prescribed by Sneha Britto as she utilized his aids for her make a big appearance picture Sattam Oru Iruttarai.

The exchanges for the picture are by Dissolve Mahesh however Venkatesh states that he makes certain updates to them after a take, and when they head off to Powerstar he updates them out and out and conveys them. The picture has music by Achu and the crew plans for a sound start in Malaysia on 9th Walk.


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