Prabhu Solomon no longer to produce movies

Prabhu Solomon no longer to produce movies
Director- Producer has shed his skin as a producer and has taken only directing as his career. The director who made Lee, Laadam also produced and directed the movie Maina.
As the movie was progressing, he was caught in a financial trouble and thereby had to leave the movie in between. At that time his friend helped him financially, he started a film company by the name Studio, and he was able to finish the movie Mainaa. Following its success, he made another movie, Saattai under the banner of John Max. Both films were a success in film industry.

Recently he has announced that is going to leave Studio and concentrate only on direction. In addition, he stated that his friend John Max alone will be in charge of the Studio. The reason why Prabhu Solomon is parting ways with Studio is that in recent days there has been a quarrel between the producer and his friend over financial matters.


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