Santhaman - Power Star split-apart, Powerstar removed from Ya Ya

Santhaman - Power Star split-apart
As before the release of Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya film the image of Powerstar Dr.Srinivasan just raised from his unpopularity.
In between 2012 month he is well known for his case, arrest,prison. KLTA utterly changed his personality. In order to retain the popularity Power Star asked Santhanam to remain this combination in YA YA film also. Santhanam also fulfilled his wish.

At certain point Santhanam’s well wisher says that why he making a opponent on his own. They all suspect that Power will become opponent to him after some years. So they want Santhanam to cut his combination. After a serious discussion Santhanam also moves along his well wisher and demand Ya Ya film producer to remove power star from the film and mirchi siva, santhanam are pairing in the comedy sequence in YA YA film.


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