Simbu charges 2 lakhs for singing one song?

With the latest trend of heroes turning singers, Simbu seems to be taking his singing skills very seriously. And the latest we hear is that the star is charging up to 2 lakh for a song.

Earlier Simbu was singing just for his films but now he seems to lending his voice to other heroes as well. Smaller films are also roping him in. And, Simbu isn't complaining. When earlier spoken to him about his singing skills, he said, "I've never considered myself a serious singer but it helps when it comes to pocket money. I still go to my parents when I want money for my daily needs. When I want a new gadget, they usually refuse to give me money and immediately, I sing a song for a film."

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the actor has tweeted that Simbu is following in the footsteps of Thala Ajith and will no longer be attending events.


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