Vairamuthu writes new Kurals for 'Karma' [Video]

Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu has always looked to expand his horizons through his literary work and he received another such opportunity for a film titled 'Karma'.
For the title sequence of 'Karma' the film's director, Arvind Ramalingam, and music director, L.V. Ganesh, had the idea of having a voiceover of Kurals.

The two then requested Vairamuthu to pen a few Kurals like the Thirukkural. Vairmuthu sought inspiration from one of the 133 chapters, 'Oozhvinai', and wrote 10 Kurals that were in some ways related and unrelated to that chapter. He also lent his voice to recite the Kurals he wrote for the title sequence.

Vairamuthu since then has sparked the idea of writing 133 chapters of Thirukkural for this day and age and if he does manage to complete it, he credits the director and music director of Karma for initiating the idea.


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