Why Vetrimaaran chose next with Dhanush instead of Simbu?

Director Vetrimaaran has clarified on why his proposed film with STR could never take off. He said that it is indeed true that the two were supposed to work together and a suitable script was also agreed upon.
But STR's dates were a problem and the actor was continuously busy with other movies. People around Vetrimaaran also started to repeatedly ask him about the big gap between his films.

That is when he decided to go back to his tried and tested actor, Dhanush, with whom he has already worked on two memorable movies. The script work for this film is also done.

He has reiterated that he doesn't have any problems with STR and that the two would work in future. He maintains that quantity of films isn't his concern but good quality films are. A film in two years, is what the director targets.


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