Ajith's advice to young actor like Munish

Ajith's advice to young actor
Ajith inspires his fans with his acting skills and he will never hesitate to give suggestions to his fellow actors.
Tapsee who is presently working in Ajith- Vishnuvardhan flick has praised Ajith and another young actor Munish joins the list.

Young actor Munish has been roped into Ajith-Siva's next flick. Ajith advised Munish by saying, "Work hard! Pay your taxes! Respect your elders and devote enough time for your family! Donate a part of your income to the needy! Neither impose your thoughts on others nor let them impose theirs on you! Don't let money alone decide who you work with! Live and let live! These are not words of advice but an experience of a journey called life."

Ajith is now busy with Valai (tentative title) directed by Vishnuvardhan and he will join his next flick under Siva's direction.


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