Ameer to start Aadhi Bhagavan sequel soon

Ameer to start Aadhi Bhagavan sequel soon
While Jeyam Ravi received accolades for his feminine Don character Bhagavan in Aadhi Bhagavan, the latest is that Ameer has announced a sequel to this flick which will kick start shortly.
This is believed to be a racy script where Aadhi and Bhagavan rub shoulders.

Ameer is still unhappy over the issuance of “A” certificate to the movie by the censor board.

“Though the movie does not have vulgarity elements, unlike other films, and despite having cut off many portions from the film, the censor board was still bent on not easing out than the A. "They were very rude in issuing the certificate. The censor board behaves like a Mafia gang in issuing ceritifcates”, he said.


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