Anirudh promises Rajinikanth, won't involve in 'such' affairs
Anirudh Ravichandar who made his debut in Aishwarya Dhanush's directorial venture '3' is actually the nephew of Latha Rajinikanth.
Following the continuous chart busters dished out by Anirudh , he is currently first in line to be the next A.R Rahman of kollywood industry.

Anirudh's recent visit to Superstar's house ended up rather strange one for him, reports have it that Rajinikanth had enquired him about whom he considers to be his role model and Anirudh had replied AR Rahman, here is what Superstar replied

Its been a long time since AR Rahman made his debut in kollywood, but so far he has not been involved nor linked with any controversy whatsoever, he minds his own business, he never lets his success take the better of him, but even before your debut you were already associated with a singer and certain photographs were also released". If this the case then how would you even make it successful in kollywood ?

Anirudh was totally aback by Superstar , and he seems to have made a promise to Superstar that he would just concentrate on his own work and these things were just a one time affair and it would never happen again.


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