Anjali follows Kamal & Vikram

Bubbly-looking Anjali feels it easy to gain weight and lose it again for her movies. Filmfare award winner and Kattradhu Thamizh-heroine Anjali knows the trick of the trade.

While Kamal Hasan does that meticulously, Vikram follows his footpath and does rigorous work-outs to gain a stiff physique; he again loses weight if the character demands that. In fact, Vikaram has confirmed that he was inspired by Kamal Hasan. But there are not even handful of actress who have the guts to do that. But, Anjali understands the knack of the same and does it if her character in the movie warrants it.

The Rajouli-born beauty, was clad to the gym to workout and become slim and fit. However, she stopped hitting the gym during the shoots of Settai in order to get the bubbly look. She had got rid of her diet-control and was happily freaking out with ice-creams, chocolates and pizzas. Once, the shooting for it got over, the damsel again lost weight and looked slim.

People wonder how its possible.. Its really magical-keep it up Anjali.


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