Arrest Warrant for Power Star! [Video]

Arrest Warrant for Power Star!
Arrest Warrant For Power Star Namakkal Court. Arrest Warrant Against Power Star - Namakkal Land Check Bounce Case.

It is known that Powerstar Srinivasan has been accused for cheque fraud case and now the court has issued an arrest warrant against the actor for the same. Powerstar Srinivasan is known for his spoof act in various film and Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya brought him to limelight. With plenty of projects in pipeline,the arrest warrant comes as a shocker for many.

Namakkal Primary Court of Criminal Cases has issued Arrest Warrant against actor Power Star Srinivasan. Venkatachalam, a resident of Namakkal, had given Power Star Rs 2 lakh to buy a land

But no land was transferred to Venkatachalam by Power Star. When Venkatachalam asked money to be returned, Power Star gave him a check, which got bounced

Venkatachalam filed a case in Namakkal Court. Justice Jothi issued arrest warrant against Power Star Seenivasan.

It must be noted in September 2012, Power Star got arrested in a case of cheating businessman Rs 65 lakh.


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