Director Ameer calls Censor Board as 'Mafia'

Director Ameer clashes with Censor Board
Director Ameer decided to take on Censor Board seriously. Ameer who has directed Aadhi Bhagavan recently seems to be depressed with regional board members issuing A certificate to the movie. It took almost 2 years for him to complete the movie.

Ameer compared Censor officials with Mafia. Ameer said, "Had I given what they wanted from me, I could have got away with a 'U' certification instead of the 'A' certification which was eventually awarded to the film.

The certification is decided by the Censor board officials depending upon the amount of money the concerned producer or director is willing to dish out to them. Some mediators on behalf of the Censor officers did approach me but I was clear not to pay anything to them due to which the film was given an 'A' certification. Citing some vague reasons, they said that the film 'deserved' the 'A' certification.

Such a certification would disallow screening of the songs on any channel; they told me to delete sequences showing 'liquor intake' in the songs. I did so but still I faced many difficulties before they finally released the film. Now, when I want to promote the sequences, no video clippings are being made available to me by the Censor officers."

Later, a censor board official has filed a complaint against Ameer for comparing Censor Board with Mafia gang.


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