G.V Prakash's Copy-Cat musical works unveiled [Proof Video]

G.V Prakash's
Today on Kollywood Copycats we feature G.V Prakash. G.V has the tag of being youngest Music Director of Kollywood and is also hyped to be the next AR Rahman, Yes G.V does have amazing potential but we have found certain songs which bear very close resemblance to the one's composed by G.V. We give the proof , you decide if its to be called Inspiration or just plain Imitation ? [No, if you ask me]

Song 1
"Sooriyane" - Velli Thirai 
Well G.V seems to have just renamed this Keith Urban Song.

Song 2
"Yathe Yathe" - Aadukalam

Song 3
"Celebration of Life" - Ayarathil Oruvan 

Song 4 
"Thediye Thediye" - Va Quarter Cutting


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