No truth in marriage rumours, says Asin

"Enough of the ‘dignified silence’. Time for some straight talking", Asin speaks exclusively to us.

There was news in a section of the Bollywood media that Asin is not signing any films and they cited her impending marriage as the reason for it.

They pointed out that Asin made many trips in the past few months to America, to spent time with her 'mystery lover' and assumed that she will be calling it quits and getting married.

But in a freewheeling chat with us, Asin says that there is no truth to the rumours doing the rounds about her fictitious US-based fiance. Says Asin : "It is merely a figment of someone's imagination running wild. I think the best thing is to ignore such baseless rumours and move on."

Asin adds that she did make a trip to US and "it was just her annual family vacation" and she was accompanied by her parents for a much-needed break.

Asin who has taken a short break will be soon signing up another big movie in Bollywood, and would like the producers to make the announcement.


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