Power Star plays 'Bhootham' (Ghost) in his upcoming movie

Power Star plays 'Bhootham'
If the buzz is to be believed, Power Star Srinivasan might be playing a ghost in his upcoming film. The movie is said to be the remake of the romantic comedy Pattanathil Bhootham, which was made in 1967.
When contacted, producer Thenappan says, "Yes, we're mulling over remaking this film with Power Star.

We're currently in talks with K S Manikandan, the director of KLTA, and Crazy Mohan to start work on it." Power Star is said to be looking forward to the subject, which will have him in a meaty role. His manager confirms it, adding, "Shiva and Santhanam might also be roped in. We're not yet sure what role Power Star will play in it." It is said that they will be tweaking the subject a bit to suit the tastes of modern-day audiences.

However, director Manikandan declined that he was working on a remake, saying, "I'm working on a fresh script and will decide on the cast only after it is done."


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